Order out of Chaos

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4:01 and but it maybe 6:00 before I sleep

Here’s a statement for her.

Yet my age, my experiences are still yet to have maybe matched yours. Sheesh look at what you’ve done for yourself and look at me. Lol. I’m almost embarrassed to have you over my grandmas. I’m almost embarrassed to have you pick me up. I see it as it’s a damn shame sometimes or like what am I am doing. Lol. But yet those are things that will change with actions ect.

But here it is just feeling so low, maybe almost feeling what you’ve felt from what I’ve done. From my heart if you feel like this clearly I’m hurt by the sheer fact that I’ve brought you this low. *sigh* forgive me and ways for i won’t be the same when I wake up.

Now! Now let me move with the swiftness and with the highest focus. Cause truth be told don’t none of this weigh more than what I envision at this point. Nothing! I’m over it. I’m tired. Been dere and got that and realized you may have to show your face one time but if you putting out work that’s enough right there.

Ugggghh let me continue on my path. If all fails I won’t give up. I have the spirit of a warrior. I be damned